Michael Kolobratnik


Whether skiing, playing football or tennis, functional forms of movement simply make me perform better at these sports.


Functional training is part of my daily routine to bring me closer to my athletic and personal goals.


As a certified tennis-, Personal- and Functional Strength Master Trainer, I know how great it is to witness training success.


This is exactly why I want to motivate you too,

so you can achieve your best performance.

Philipp Janesch, PhD


Functional fitness training has played an important part of my life since my youth.


Whether to counter-balance stress or to help me prepare for my surfing trips around the world, functional fitness training has been my steady companion to experience life at peak performance.


I am a certified Personal- and Functional Strength Master Trainer who holds a Master’s degree in Immunology and a doctorate in Molecular Biology.


With a critical eye on the fitness industry, I want to guide you to train as efficiently and safely as possible.