hybrid8 philosophy

 Many people squat.

Few people squat correctly.

Even less people squat correctly on a skateboard.


At hybrid8 we combine training with one’s own bodyweight and small functional equipment.

This includes balls, ropes, elastic bands, dumbbells and much more.

Or skateboards, brooms, and half empty water bottles?

We are creative.


At hybrid8 you're constantly facing new challenges to train every fibre of your body.


Our training focus is on strength-endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination.

We mainly use methods from (high-intensity) interval training (HIIT),

stabilization exercises for surface and deep muscles, as well as endurance and strength training.


Likewise, we put special emphasis on proper mobilization and relaxation techniques.


People of all ages and training levels are welcome

(minimum age: 16 years).

Apart from normal sportswear, no special equipment is needed.


We adapt the training individually to you.