our mission

Sixpack in just 3 weeks?

Crash diets for the perfect bikini body?

5 tips for the perfect look?


Do not exist.


Such fitness fairytales simply do not exist.

At least not without harming one’s own health.


At hybrid8 we promise exactly what really is realistic for you.

With us you train with your own bodyweight and small functional equipment.

Safe, diversified and highly efficient.


Your individual training goals are our priority.

Whether weight loss, increase in muscle mass, body definition or competition preparation-

we adapt every training to your training condition and your goals.


Here everyone feels challenged and no one is underworked or overstrained.


Our training will make you more fit for everyday life, more powerful and more resistant to injuries.

Within a short time, you will feel an improved body awareness.


We show you what achievements you are really capable of.